Global HealthCare College of Nursing


Global HealthCare College of Nursing’s mission is to create a state of the art nursing school to serve the needs of the Middle East. To create a mindset of lifelong continuous education in nursing. To attract and retain students that are committed to excellence in healthcare within the Middle East.

Why the need for a new Nursing School?

Nurses are essential for patient recovery and to prevent Nosocomial infections, complications and morbidity. Hospitals that have nursing staffs that are staffed at 75% or greater than comparable hospitals have been shown to have shorter patent hospital stays.

Reduction of adverse events, that are monetarily costly for the hospital, may help increase the margin of profit and result in a more favorable view of the hospital by patents especially those who are medical tourists.

Global Health Care College of Nursing will train a diverse population of nursing professionals to fulfill the nursing needs of Hospitals and Clinics in the Middle East.

In the Middle East, it is an expected that there will be ~40% increase in demand for nurses by 2020 and a 70% increase in demand by 2025. It is clear that the GHC School of Nursing fits well into the clinical services needs for both the immediate and long term.

GHC School of Nursing will offer both classroom and on-line learning. Both sets of learning options will encompass clinical rotations either at GHC Hospital or locally. The curriculum will prepare students to take their licensing exams.

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